Social Security Card Application is not affiliated with any government agency. We work for you not the government, don’t wait in line, save your time and money. You can receive assistance and forms free from the SSA (Social Security Administration). Allow us to prepare your forms today and receive value added services such as your completed SS-5 form, free accompanying document eBooks, step-by-step instructions, and extended customer service.

Social Security Card Application

Apply For Your Social Security Card Below

Reasons For Applying:

  • Replace an existing social security card.
  • Drivers License or Passport
  • Change the name displayed on your social security card.
  • Change any information on your social security card other than name.
  • File for the first original social security card, If you’ve never had a social security card before select this option.
  • Immigration Status Change
  • Apply for Banking or Government Benefits

Get Your Social Security Card Application Done 100% Accurately is a done-for-you social security card application service that makes getting your new or replacement SS card easier than ever. Save time and make the process stress-free with our easy-to-use form, simple directions, and extra guidance.

If you need to apply for your first social security card, replace a lost or stolen one, or make a name change, you must gather the proper documentation, fill in the official forms, and mail it to the Social Security Administration for processing. The social security card application must be filled in properly and submitted with the correct supplementary documents (in their correct format) or your application will be denied.

The process may seem daunting at first. However, with proper guidance, it is relatively easy to submit your forms and receive your card. Although it is entirely possible to replace your card via the Social Security Administration for free, we offer exclusive services for a low, one-time-only fee that ensures the entire process goes smoothly.

We are an professional filing agency that specializes in facilitating the application process for new cards, lost or stolen cards, and updates and renewals. Why wait in line, file with multiple agencies, and risk denial when you can fill out one easy form online and have the entire process done for you?

Getting a new social security card isn’t hard if you know which documents you need, how to fill in the form, and where to send it. walks you through the process in detail and step-by-step so you get it right the first time and don’t waste time fighting with the Social Security Agency.

Are You:

  • Applying for Your First Card?:
    If you’ve never had a Social Security Card before, you’ve likely had a number of issues obtaining employment, taking out credit, and doing a host of other common tasks that most take for granted. Applying for your first card comes with a number of specific regulations that must be met accurately or your application process will be delayed. specializes in helping first-time applicants get their card so they can begin applying for jobs or college or just have the card for when it’s needed!

  • Making a Name Change?:
    If you are getting married or otherwise changing your name, your Social Security card must reflect those changes. If the information is not accurate, it will create a number of major issues later on in life. If you want to change the name or any other information displayed on your card, we can walk you through the specific areas of the form that must be filled in as well as which documents must be submitted along with your SS-5.

  • Replacing a Lost or Stolen Card?:
    If you have lost your card or someone has stolen it, you must immediately inform the police and then closely monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. From there, you should get a replacement card. We have helped countless Americans get back on track with a replacement card, and we can help you too.

  • Immigration Status Change:
    If your immigration status has changed, it could require changes to your Social Security card. This process is difficult to begin with, let alone if you are not a native English speaker. Let us help you stay within the US government system by making the Social Security card application process simple and pain-free.


Why Use Instead of Filing Manually Yourself?

As we mentioned previously, it is entirely possible to do this by yourself. The Social Security Administration offers forms and processing free of charge. However, the administration’s website clearly states that any improperly filled out forms or incorrect supporting documentation will result in immediate denial. For good reason.

Each year, countless individuals file their social security card application only to have it denied. That means countless hours wasted collecting documents, filling in forms, going to offices, and waiting in line. Here’s the problem: Depending on your situation and which card you need, there could be varying requirements you need to fulfill to get your new card. These include supporting documentation and subsections of the form which need to be completed. Many applicants point to the tediousness of the form itself as a reason why applying is so difficult. is a trusted and professional 3rd-party service that allows you to bypass all of the stress and get it done right in a fraction of the time.

When you use, you get

Our low, one-time fee comes with a range of major benefits that are exclusive only to people who use this service. The Social Security Administration offers no such services.

So easy, you can be done in minutes

If you’re like most applicants, the application process feels daunting. Most don’t even know where to start.Our application is seamless, easy to use, and fully automated.

We have created a one-of-a-kind questionnaire that helps to identify exactly what you need to do to fill in your application properly and which supporting documents are necessary. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out where to start, you will be done in mere minutes.

Stop stressing about your SS-5 application

Our SS-5 application guide has helped countless people just like you figure out how the form works and avoid the costly mistakes that so many others have made. Step-by-step instructions in plain in English will help you avoid the confusing language that so often stifles the application process for most people.

Learn exactly how to obtain the right documents

Knowing which documents, you need is one thing. Knowing where to get them if you don’t have them is another major challenge facing all applicants. You could very well end up searching for hours and dealing with multiple agencies or entities until you locate the right document (be it a birth certificate or something similar).

Our resource reference list explains the details so you know exactly where to find the documents you need.

Learn to protect yourself from identity theft

A stolen Social Security card is a nightmare for every American. With your identity, the thief can now ruin your credit. Theft is one of the most common reasons for new card applications.

With our FREE identity theft prevention guide, you will gain a deep understanding of how theft works and how you can protect yourself from a worst-case scenario.

Unrivaled customer support

Our customers have access to our free 24/7 support that is ready to answer all of your questions. If any need arises, contact us immediately and we will make sure to help in any way possible.

100% risk-free

If you are for any reason unsatisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply click the “Cancel Order” link and you will be refunded.

Leave everything to us. You focus on you.

Our one-time fee covers our filing service as well as our world-class phone and email support.

However, if you wish to have the service fully done for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing, we can do that too. All you have to do is mail in the fully prepared package.

Our application filing experts can obtain documents for so you can save time for what really matters most: you. For an additional low fee, we can obtain documents and complete these tedious processes for you.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft with 30 days of LifeLock FREE

In the 21st century, it easier than ever before to become a victim of identity theft. If your card has been lost or stolen, you are now facing severe financial risk. As your authorized Social Security card agent, we can help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build with 30 days of LifeLock for FREE.

Protecting yourself from identity theft is difficult in the modern world. LifeLock makes it easier than ever before. Don’t become a victim. Stay protected.

What is Identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information to commit fraud. With your Social Security number, they may pretend to be you and use your number to open a bank account (for example). This crime is far more serious than you may believe. In 2017 alone, 15 BILLION dollars were stolen from victims of fraud.

With your Social Security number, criminals can max out your credit card, take out loans, or even rent out an apartment under your name. Even if a person is deceased, a criminal can use their identification number to create financial issues for their estate. Some criminals are so astute that they can file a fake tax return and take your refund. You must be vigilant to not become a victim.

What is LifeLock?

In the event that you are filing your Social Security card application because yours was lost or stolen, our free 30 days of LifeLock can help protect you from financial ruin. We also provide a FREE eBook to help you avoid becoming a victim and recover in the event of fraud. These services are exclusive only to our clients. The risk of theft is especially high for children and the elderly.

LifeLock is an identity protection service that constantly scans millions of transactions to detect strange behavior and threats to your identity. Should any issues arise, an identity restoration specialist will be put on your case to help get things back in order. Finally, depending on which plan you have, you may be reimbursed for stolen funds (though this is only in certain circumstances).

LifeLock can mean the difference between recovering from financial fraud or dealing with the repercussions for years.

How to Identify Identity Theft from Your Lost Social Security Card

If you have lost your Social Security card, you must take steps to ensure you do not become a victim of major financial fraud.

Remain vigilant at all times.

You may be a victim of fraud if:

  • Bills stop coming in the mail (this could signal that a thief has changed the mailing address while acting as you)

  •  You get calls from debt collectors

  •  The IRS inquires about a second tax return filed in your name

These are a just a few signs. In the event that identity theft has occurred, you must:

  •  File a police report
  •  Contact the major credit reporting bureaus
  •  Freeze your credit
  •  Change your passwords for all online accounts
  •  Contact the Social Security Administration

All of this information and more is available in our eBook. It will take you through the steps necessary to ensure your financial safety in the event of a lost card.

As one of our clients, you have exclusive access to 30 days of the world’s best identity theft protection service for FREE. Don’t become a victim.

Who is This Service for?

We are a professional filing agency that provides valuable third-party services for customers who either don’t understand the complex filing process or don’t want to risk waiting and reapplying should their application be denied.

We also work with many clients that simply don’t have the time throughout their busy day to chase down documents, fill in forms, and go through the trouble of dealing with multiple agencies to complete what should be a routine process.

If you:

  • Do not understand the application process: The process itself is tedious and requires the right paperwork, the proper form, and bringing it to the office. If you are making changes or are an immigrant, this can be even more complex and stressful. If you are getting your first card, you are also subject to strict regulations. It’s best to use our automated service to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • If you need your card as soon as possible: Whether you are applying for a new job or wanting to go off to college, you may very well need your Social Security card. You might even need it for official governmental purposes. In the event that you need your card ASAP, you cannot risk denial. Make sure you get it right the first time by using our questionnaire and helpful resources.
  • Do not have the time to go the office or deal with the forms: Any time you deal with a government agency, the bureaucracy can be a major headache. At a minimum, you will have to go to the office, stand in line, and wait to submit your form. Assuming you have filled out everything correctly, the only thing you lose is your time. However, if you lead a busy life or own a business, it’s not easy to find all of the hours necessary to complete the process.
  • Are simply looking for the easiest and most convenient way to file your Social Security Card application: It’s your life. If you don’t feel like going through this difficult process, then why should you? For one small fee, you can easily bypass all of the stress and have your form filled out 100% correctly.

If any of these situations describes you, then is exactly the service you need.

How Does it Work?

Unlike doing the process alone, our guided, automated process is simple and easy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your situation: Is this your first card? Has yours been lost or stolen? Do you need to make a name change? One of the main reasons so many Americans have trouble with their application for a new Social Security card is due to the differing requirements of each situation. By selecting your circumstance, you let our automated software understand which steps are required next.

  • Fill in our automated questionnaire: Now, our software will walk you through the proper steps to completing your software based on your application. We have created a proprietary questionnaire that makes it easier than ever before to fill in your application. You are responsible for the accuracy of your personal information, but by using our program, you ensure that all the information is in the proper places on the form.

  • Print out your form: Your form is now 100% accurate and ready to go. Now you must print out your form and gather the accompanying documents.

  • Download our filing guide: As a service to our clients, we offer you access to a helpful filing guide that demystifies the SS-5 filing process. Download our free guide and see which documents you need to submit with your form to ensure your application is accepted. Again, please note that photocopied documents are not accepted under any circumstances.

From there, you either mail your application or take it to the proper office (we can assist you with this, too).

That’s all!

Instead of dealing with all of the difficult government bureaucracy and confusing forms, you can fill out your form right from the comfort of your computer and have it done for you automatically with 0 risk of error.


The Social Security card application process is already difficult enough. We do not want to add to your stress. We know that any service you are not familiar with may seem confusing at first, so we have created this F.A.Q to help answer the most common questions new clients have with our service.

A: Yes, the SSA does not charge for documents or processing. However, it is on you to complete the application and submit it along with the proper documents. And it must be 100% correct or your application will be denied. Moreover, many of our clients are not aware of which documents they need, nor do they know how to obtain them. This is a major governmental agency with bureaucratic roadblocks, so most Americans are intimidated by the process. We charge a small fee to eliminate those headaches and automate the application process so your application is done right each time. All you have to do is print, sign, and mail in your fully prepared package.

A: Although our process is automated and is by far the simplest and most convenient way to process your Social Security card application, the processing time varies by applicant. In general, once you complete the process, the SSA estimates 7-10 days for completion once they receive your forms.

A: We understand the concerns of our clients. Any time your information is involved, security should be your primary concern. Rest assured that we use the latest security encryption to protect your data. And for credit cards, we use a secure, 3rd-party payment processor that is a trusted name in online payment processing. Using your card with us is just as safe as using it at a real-world store.

A: No. The SSA does not accept photocopies or uncertified notarized documents. Should you submit them with your application, they will be returned within 14 days. This is one of the most common reasons for applications to be denied. Do not make this same mistake.

A: Believe it or not, one of the most common questions posed to use is why people even need a card in the first place. As an American, whether a natural citizen or immigrant, you need your card to be accurate for a number of reasons. A principal reason is for employment. Your employer uses your Social Security number on your W-2 form (for tax purposes). If you wish to open a bank account, the bank will most likely ask for your card number. Some doctors will even use it for billing purposes.

A: Yes, you may make a “mySocialSecurity” account and go through the online application process via the Social Security Administration’s website. However, this process can be a bit difficult if you don’t have any experience with it. Please note that if this is your first Social Security Card application, then you are not eligible to complete the process online.

A: After our own experiences with the Social Security Administration, we were inspired to start a service that would help others avoid all of the issues that we encountered. We filled the forms in improperly, submitted the wrong documents, and spent hours running around to different offices with no luck. All told, we lost countless hours. This could have easily been avoided if there were a simpler way to fill everything out. Our service helps people who are intimidated by the confusing process fill their form out with ease right from the comfort of their own home. If they want even more exclusive services, we can retrieve documents and much more. It’s all in the name of convenience. Who are we is a non-governmental entity that is an professional 3rd party specialized in helping applications for new or replacement social security cards complete the process quickly and accurately.

Why waste time with confusing government bureaucracy when you can have everything done for you in one easy, automated process?

We started our business after making a trip to the Social Security office, only to leave frustrated at the lack of clear information and tedious processes for collecting documents and submitting them to the administration.

We found that, depending on each specific situation, the requirements differ significantly. This led to our application being denied and frustratingly long wait times. We wanted to find a better way to do it.

Our frustrations with the process inspired our service. We are now the most efficient and seamless way to acquire a new card without risk of denial.

Finally, there is a way to complete your Social Security card application without all of the headaches. And, aside from the service that allows you to submit your application flawlessly, we also offer numerous other exclusive benefits for our clients including support and an eBook.

who we are

Start Filing Your Application Now!

At, we have made the Social Security card application process easier than ever before.

Simple, automated, and 100% accurate, you can have a perfectly completed application form in minutes just by answering a few simple questions. On top of that, you get exclusive access to offers you can’t get anywhere else. Free eBooks, filing guides, 30 days of LifeLock and so much more await clients of our services.

Why spend all of that time waiting in line, agonizing over forms, and chasing down documents when you can have it all done for you? Sure, you could do this whole process yourself for free, but why waste all of that time and energy? If you’re confused by the process, or just too busy to find the time to do it, there is a service that makes it easier than ever before to get the process 100% right the first time.

It only takes a few minutes to get started, and the whole process is 100% automated.

Start today!

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I've saved a lot of time using this website, I process applications for a local charity and this helps us save a lot of time (of course its a tax write-off as well so thats great lol)