About Us

ApplicationFiling.com is an agent that facilitates the Social Security card application process via a proprietary application that automatically fills out the necessary form. On top of our core service of ensuring your form is 100% accurate, we also offer a range of exclusive services to make the entire process stress free, including eBooks, document fetching services and more.

Our service was born out of our experiences with the Social Security Administration. We were overwhelmed by the form and application process! Which documents do I need? Which office do I go to? How do I fill in this form? When will my card arrive?

We had all of these questions and more, and worse, we couldn’t find the right answers anywhere. And we haven’t even mentioned the endless time wasted going back and forth to the office only to end up with a denied application.

We knew there had to be a better way.

ApplicationFiling.com was born

Now, instead of filling in the form yourself, you can answer a set of simple, automated questions to prepopulate your form. Our system guarantees the form is 100% accurate. From there, you can use our resource guide written in plain English to determine which documents you need to send with your application. We do not review the information submitted from a legal or professional standpoint. You will want to ensure you double check the information you enter. Our system will make sure you didn’t leave anything out and that the form is filled out in it’s entirety.

All of this cost just $39.00.

We also offer identity protection guidance, on-call customer support, and much more. Just click, follow the prompts, and print your form. You’re ready for your new Social Security card! It’s that easy!