Find answers to your general questions about Social Security Card, with us.

How long does this online application system take?

There is no specific time for this procedure as requirements of each applicant is different.

Can I complete my own SS-5 form for free?

Yes, you can visit the SSA website and download the SS-5 form for free. You can then fill the form by correctly filing out the required information.

Is my information secure?

We have secured servers with SHA-256 and RSA Encryption SSL certificate. All our payments are processed through a third party online secure billing system of CCBill, which is a trusted name in online payment processing.

What documents will I need to complete the process?

You will need original and certified copies of your evidence documents. You may be required some additional documents depending upon your need of obtaining a card.

Note: DO NOT send uncertified notarized or photocopies of the documents to the SSA. SSA will return the documents as soon as they complete the process which usually takes 10-14 days for delivery. Terms of Service / Privacy Policy.