How it Works

We have created the simplest and most efficient method for completing your SS-5 form. Instead of retrieving your form and filling it in manually, we use an automated application to prepopulate your SS-5 form and ensure its accuracy.

  • Step 1) Choose your circumstance: Choose if this is your first card, a replacement, or a name change.
  • Step 2) Answer the prompts: Based on your choice, our application will ask you a series of questions. As you answer them, your application will be filled in automatically.
  • Step 3) Submit your form: Submit your form for review.
  • Step 4) Proceed to your secure payment: We use one of the oldest and most trusted online payment processors, to ensure your security. As soon as you have submitted your form and paid the $39 fee, your form will be available for download.
  • Step 5) Download your resource guide: Your resource guide is included in the $39 fee and helps you navigate the confusing supporting documentation requirements. It details in plain English exactly what you must send with your application to ensure success. If you don’t wish to go through the trouble of acquiring these documents (if you don’t have them), we will gladly do this for you for an extra fee.

Along the way, should you require any assistance, our trained and friendly staff are available on-call 24/7 for no extra fee.