Pricing & Benefits

Our goal is to make your application process 100% stress-free, which is why our pricing structure is so simple. Your 100% accurate, done-for-you SS-5 form, as well as customer support and access to all of our valuable resources, costs only $39.

Should you require further assistance, our document experts can retrieve your birth certificate or other documents for an additional fee as well.

Why use our service?

We have completely revolutionized the application process and made it easier than ever to get your new Social Security card. By using, you receive many benefits:

  • Your application done for you: Follow a few simple prompts and your application will be filled out automatically by our application.
  • Stay safe from identity theft: Our theft identification guide helps you understand how identity theft works so you can avoid financial ruin.
  • Never be in the dark about documentation: Supporting documentation varies depending on your situation. Our documentation guide ensures you know exactly what to send out with your package so your application doesn’t get denied.
  • 30 days of LifeLock FREE: We help you take advantage of the 30 days of LifeLock free offer. Gain access to the world’s premier identity theft protection service. An advantage exclusive to our clients.
  • Leave the hard work to us: If you don’t want to gather your own documents, our experts can handle that for a small extra fee.
  • World-class support: Our support staff is on call 24/7 to answer all of your questions.

Why we created this service

When we first tried to file for our replacement Social Security card, we found the entire application confusing and daunting, to say the least. When the supporting documentation was added in, we were even more confused.

The result? A denied application and hours wasted. We had to wait two extra weeks and wasted countless hours going to the Social Security office.

We decided there had to be a better way. We created a straightforward application to simplify the entire process as well as a documentation guide. Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can easily fill in the application using a series of automated prompts that guarantee accuracy. The greatest benefit to our clients is the peace of mind we offer.

Instead of struggling to fill in the application and stressing over where to send your documents, you now have the choice of getting your application 100% done for you.